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The Gravemaster's gifts


The Gravemaster is one of the new heroes in Heroes of Tenefyr: The Second Curse. Today we take a look at two Gravemaster-specific cards. The Gravemaster controls spirits, so all of the enemies that give Gravemaster loot are spirits.

Artwork by Jimmy Nijs.

The Troubled Spirit can only be damaged by players with at least one Basic 0 card in their discard pile. If this enemy shows up early in a dungeon, you might have to discard your hand a few times to get a Basic 0 in your discard pile.

Sift lets you draw three extra cards, and then discard one from your hand. Since the gravemaster is all about manipulating her own discard pile, discarding a card can actually be helpful, especially if you have some cards that gain power with Basic cards in your discard pile.

Artwork by Jimmy Nijs.

The Leeching Spirit forces all players to search their deck for a card that mentions discarding or the discard pile, and then discard that card. A bad thing for most players, but it might help the Gravemaster.

Lingering Power is a card with 2 power that can come back when you need it. When it's in your discard pile, you can place it in your hand by discarding the top three cards from your deck. A great way to boost your power, but at a cost. If you have enough cards in your deck, you might even discard your hand with Lingering Power in it, just so you can get it back again.

I hope this gives an idea of the Gravemaster's playstyle. It's all about manipulating your discard pile to your advantage.

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