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The Paladin's prowess


The Paladin is one of the new heroes in Heroes of Tenefyr: The Second Curse. Today we take a look at two Paladin-specific cards. The Paladin prefers to fight against the purest of evils, so all of the enemies that give Paladin loot are demonic creatures.

Artwork by Jimmy Nijs.

The Unsettling Fiend flips Basic 1 and Basic 0 cards around. Lucky for any player who didn't remove all their Basic 0 cards.

Minor Blessing is similar to one part of the Paladin's Skill card, but more powerful. Instead of just getting cards with 1 power back, you can also choose cards with 2 power.

Artwork by Jimmy Nijs.

The Silent Fiend makes you shuffle all the Basic 1 cards from your discard pile back into your deck. At Dungeon level 4, you usually don't want to draw your Basic cards, so it can mess up your chances a bit.

Slash of Faith is similar to the other part of the Paladin's Skill card. Instead of discarding a card to double a card's power, you draw one and that card's power is doubled. With a bit of luck, you could take down an enemy all by yourself.

I hope this gives an idea of the Paladin's playstyle. A combination of healing and big attacks.

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