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The Technomage's tricks


The Technomage is one of the new heroes in Heroes of Tenefyr: The Second Curse. Today we take a look at two Technomage-specific cards. All of the enemies that give Technomage loot are mechanical creatures, so they're thematically tied to the Technomage as well.

Artwork by Jimmy Nijs.

The Clockwork Critters force you to discard cards from the top of your deck, but only if it shows up early in the dungeon.

Charged Punch gets stronger with more gears in your supply. You can spend gears on other Technomage cards, but that means your charged punch gets weaker again. Do you keep your punches charged, or do you unleash your power?

Artwork by Jimmy Nijs.

The Clockwork Golem has some exposed machinery. Throw some junk in there, and it breaks down instantly. Any player can remove 2 Dungeon cards from their deck to immediately defeat the Clockwork Golem. If you have a couple of low level dungeon cards that you don't need, this is a great way to use them.

Revitalizing Surge gives you a choice between gaining 1 gear, or spending 2 gears to choose a card from your discard pile and putting it in your hand. Depending on what's in your discard pile, this can be a very powerful effect, and you always have the option of just gaining that gear if you don't need the card.

I hope this gives an idea of the Technomage's playstyle. It's all about gears and choosing when to spend them.

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