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Introducing the heroes: The Technomage


Artwork by Emanoel Melo.

The Technomage is one of the new heroes in Heroes of Tenefyr: The Second Curse. He's a gifted, young cat-person who built a mechanical arm that's powered by magic. This magical mechanic loves to show off his punching power, but he also knows when to hold back.

The Technomage Skill lets you gain and spend GEARS. Gears are new cardboard tokens included in the expansion. Whenever you gain gears, place them on your hero card, and when you wish to spend them, place them back in the reserve. The gears are used to power up the Technomage's mechanical arm, so you can charge up several times to unleash a powerful attack. You can have an unlimited number of gears, but the Technomage Skill card has a maximum power of 7.

Next week, we'll look at some of the Dungeon cards that are unique to the Technomage, and how they use gears in different ways.

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