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The Tactician's toolkit


The Tactician is one of the new heroes in Heroes of Tenefyr: The Second Curse. Today we take a look at two Tactician-specific cards:

Artwork by Jimmy Nijs.

The Goblin Sneak forces you to discard one of your cards. Luckily, you get to choose which one.

Clever Maneuver lets you look at the next card in the dungeon, and you can choose who gets the Starting Player token. This is the first loot card that lets you actively manipulate the starting player, and this adds some interesting choices. Knowing what the next enemy is, you can choose the starting player based on the enemy text, or based on who you want to get the loot. You can even look ahead to other dungeons to see how changing the starting player could be beneficial.

Artwork by Manolis Frangidis.

The Shadeshifter changes into another enemy, except for its power. You'll probably have at least 6 options to choose from, so there's a good chance that you can use it to your advantage.

Emulate gains the text of any card in any discard pile, so it gets more versatile as the game progresses. Double the power of one of your cards? Remove a card from your discard pile? Look at the next enemy? It could be anything. And if there's nothing useful in one of the discard piles right now, you can choose to shuffle it back into your deck.

I hope this gives an idea of the Tactician's playstyle. How her cards let you manipulate the flow of combat to your advantage in unique ways.

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