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Introducing the heroes: The Tactician


Artwork by Emanoel Melo.

The Tactician is one of the new heroes in Heroes of Tenefyr: The Second Curse. She is a skilled fighter with rapier and buckler, but she prefers to use her brain in combat. She carries books and scrolls, filled with her own notes on enemy behaviours and battlefield strategies.

The Tactician Skill is used by shuffling it back into your deck, so it can be used multiple times in one dungeon. One of the players then searches their deck for a card and places it on top of their deck, and the Tactician player can also draw an extra card. This allows for a lot of versatility and strategy.

By using it on yourself, you can immediately draw the card you need, or you can help another player get the perfect card for this, or the next combat. Things get really interesting when the Tactician is close to exhaustion and she's able to use her Skill several times to help all the other players.

Next week, we'll look at some of the Dungeon cards that are unique to the Tactician.

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