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Heroes of Tenefyr on Tabletop Simulator


A few days ago, I got en email from a backer, saying that he and a friend had created a private version of Heroes of Tenefyr on Tabletop Simulator.
I liked their work a lot, so after a few small changes, we've now made it available to the public.

Tabletop Simulator is an application that can be used to play tabletop games online with friends, or by yourself. It is available on Steam and other places.

The Heroes of Tenefyr workshop for Tabletop Simulator can be found here:

It's completely free, and contains everything you need to play a full game against the Dark Lord boss. Keep in mind that it's a tabletop simulation, not a video game, so you still do all the actions yourself.

Many thanks to GabrielM and Sir_Charles for creating this!

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