Pre-production update


It's been a while since the last update, so here's the latest news:
I've finished up all the files. 3.3 Gigabytes in total! After some small changes, they've been approved by the manufacturer, and they are currently working on the production sample. Hopefully, I'll have this production sample in my hands before the next update, so I'll be able to see if all the colors look good and if everything is exactly how I want it. Looking forward to it!

Print and Play
In the meantime, I've started working on the Print 'n Play version, so it looks like I'm on track to release that in January. There will be two versions included in the PnP: One based on the European A4 paper size, and one based on the American 'letter' size, which should make printing easy for everyone.

Here's a sneak peek at part of the achievement sheet. The full sheet has 23 different achievements with check-boxes to mark your victories. Some of them are straightforward, and others might make you adopt a different strategy.

That's all for now. I wish you all happy holidays, filled with gaming!

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