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Time for another update!


Paperwork, lots of paperwork! I've been mailing a lot with the manufacturer (Longpack) and the fulfillment/shipping company (Quartermaster Logistics) filling in forms and signing documents left and right. I've also been busy preparing the files for printing. All the cards are done and I'm hoping to have the rest of the files finished by next week.

Quick Mode

Quick Mode was one of the unlocked stretch goals, and some people might be wondering how it's going to work. Here's what the Boss track for Quick Mode looks like:

Quick mode lets you play a shortened version of the game with a few changes.

Quick Mode Set-up changes

Flip over the Boss Track to the side that says "Quick mode".
Only create one Dungeon for each level, for a total of 5 levels and don't add a Boss.

Quick Mode Gameplay changes

Treat the fifth level as the Boss deck. Clear it when you reach the Skull to win.
Each time you advance the Boss token, you get new cards from the reserve that can be added to players' decks as you choose. If you advance two steps, you get cards from both symbols.
For example, the first symbol, between Easy and Normal, means you get to take 2 random level 3 cards from the reserve.

BoardGameGeek's Most Anticipated Games of 2019

Heroes of Tenefyr is nominated as one of the most anticipated games of 2019, but we need a lot more likes to get it into the top 20. If you're a BGG user, click the link below and give it a thumbs up. Let's see how far we can go!

As always, thank you all for the amazing support!

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