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Card spotlight: The Orcs


I'm going to take a closer look at some of my favorite cards in the game. This week: the orcs!

Orcs are ferocious enemies and their initial attack is enough to leave anyone shaken. These 3 orc cards all have similar effects: forcing the players to discard cards from the top of their decks at the start of the combat Only 1 card for the standard orc, found in a level 1 dungeon, but 3 cards for the warband that has made a base in a level 5 dungeon.

The loot parts are also similar, and work very well together. They're all about drawing extra cards and the deadliest of the 3, Overwhelm, gets stronger for each card you've played during that turn. Just like orcs, the barbarian favors wild attacks, so some of the loot is even better for the barbarian player. When the barbarian plays all 3 of these cards, Overwhelm grows to a massive 9 power card. Combined with the other cards gained from the extra card draws, this should be enough to take down any enemy single-handedly!

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