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A different kind of deck-building game


Heroes of Tenefyr is different from most deck-building games.
In most deck-building games, you have some cards that provide a currency which is used to buy new cards, and cards are acquired from an open 'market'. In Heroes of Tenefyr, there are no currency cards and there is no open market to buy from. The main way to get new cards is by defeating enemies. You defeat enemies together, but only the player who deals the final blow gets the loot, so it's not so easy to get the right cards in the right player's deck. That's where rewards come into play.

Rewards for clearing an entire dungeon often give you ways of improving the quality of your deck, like giving some of your cards to other players, or removing useless cards from your deck. There are also cards that can help you fine tune your deck by trading and removing cards, so you can still make cool combo's.

Another thing that's different from most deck-builders is that your deck also represents your hero's health. When you run out of cards in your deck, you don't shuffle your discard pile back into your deck, instead you become exhausted and can't do anything until you all return to the village to rest up. This adds a lot of interesting choices. Do we continue fighting even though one hero is exhausted? Do I keep drawing cards, hoping for a better hand, knowing that it brings me closer to exhaustion?
Or do you take some risks and hope that the Cleric player can use his healing power to bring back some cards from your discard pile into your deck?

I hope you'll enjoy this different take on the deck-building genre!

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