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Heroes of Tenefyr: Solo Mode


Like a lot of cooperative games, Heroes of Tenefyr offers a way to play completely by yourself. Most of the game works exactly the same, but there are a few small changes:
  • The enemy power is the same as in a two player game.
  • Your starting deck is a little more powerful: you start with 12 basic 1 cards and 9 basic 0 cards.
  • Your hero is exceptionally skilled. You choose 2 Hero cards and add the Skill cards from both heroes to your deck.
  • In combat, you get 2 turns to defeat an enemy, adding up the power from both turns.
  • When a card specifically mentions other players, you can apply this to yourself.
  • When a card mentions the starting player, this refers to your first turn in combat.
This way, solo mode plays almost the same way as when you're playing with others, but it also allows for some unique strategies. I hope you'll enjoy it!

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