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Heroes of Tenefyr Variable Setup


This last weekend, Broken Mill was at Zuiderspel, a board game convention in the south of the Netherlands. We demoed the prototype of Heroes of Tenefyr, which also meant we played it a lot each day. Luckily, the game has a variable setup, so each game is very different.

First of all, there are 4 different Bosses, each with 4 cards that represent the different stages of the boss fight. Even if you fight the same boss at the end, the random order of the boss cards can make the combat feel quite different.

The Dungeons you enter before facing the boss are also set up randomly, and you only use about half of the cards each game, so each dungeon is a new set of surprises.

Just like the dungeons, the reward cards are also chosen randomly, which can greatly impact the choices you make in each game. All in all, no two games of Heroes of Tenefyr are the same.

What's your favorite game with a great deal of variable setup?

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