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World Stitchers

Animal spirits are building a new world by plucking floating pieces of land from the sky and stitching them together with mystical thread. These powerful spirits are the World Stitchers, and even though they are working together to create a new world, only one of them will have the honor of naming it.

Play as one of the animal spirits in this modular, competitive tile-laying game for 1-4 players. Expand the world, gather the energy that's released when new pieces of land are connected, and raise massive natural spires from the ground to impress the other spirits.

World Stitchers is very easy to teach and quick to set up. The game comes with several interchangeable modules to add complexity and variety as you see fit.
Number of players
Playing time
30 minutes
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Rulebook (EN)
Coming "soon"
Print 'n play
Coming "soon"
Tabletop Simulator
Coming "soon"

What's in the box?

Component list is not final

4 Animal spirit meeples
60 land tiles
11 Spire cards
100 energy tokens
20+ module cards and tiles
1 Rulebook

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